Bios + Brand Stories

Let’s Face It

Even if you have a clear idea of what you offer and how clients benefit from your service or product, writing about yourself can be difficult.
Some of us struggle with finding the words, while others shy away because we feel like we’re bragging.
Most of us have so many other things to do to ensure that we’re delivering value to our customers that we simply don’t get around to it.

Your professionally written ‘Powerful Story’ has the power to:

  • Connect you ‘emotionally’ with your ideal customers, letting them know that you have the unique solution to their problem
  • Place your clients trust in you, helping them move past the “know-like-trust” threshold into long-term clients
  • Boost your personal or professional brand
  • Help grow your business converting prospective customers into ‘compelling connections’

Your Bio

Your business biography (aka, the “About” page on your website) is your opportunity to move your prospective client through the know-like-trust cycle on a very personal level.
If a prospective client is interested in what you have to offer, they will want to get to know you better. They want to feel confident that you can deliver, so part of your bio is about proving (through your credentials and experience) that you can deliver.
Your prospective client also wants to feel like they have begun to get to know you as a person. They hope like they could be friends with you – that’s where the trust comes in.
Mostly, your clients want to feel like you’re competent and likeable. If you come well equipped with formal credentials, the challenge may be to let “who you are as a person” come through while not taking away from your formal credibility. If you are at the other end of the spectrum, and feel a bit lacking in formal credentials, you might be surprised what your background says about how perfectly suited you are to deliver the service you offer.
Here is a brief example. Susan worked at a larger firm and needed a short Bio for the company website. Susan’s career path was surprisingly diverse and, at first glance, her educational background was not an obvious fit for her current position.
Here is what I wrote for her:
Susan is exceptionally well equipped to guide you on the journey of leaving a legacy for your loved ones through the gift of your Fireside Chat Recordings. As a food scientist, community outreach manager and international volunteer, Susan is keenly aware that sharing your thoughts and experiences can be an irreplaceable gift of enlightenment that nourishes the soul and lightens the emotional load for those you leave behind.

In Susan’s own words, “It is a very humbling experience to be part of someone’s life in this way. People have so much passion and richness to share.”

The benefit of engaging me to write your Bio is that I can step back and see things that you might not – I can see the themes and make the connections. Plus, if you’re hesitant to give yourself credit for your special talent and what your experience has taught you, I can phrase things in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable while delivering on your client’s need for information to get over the “trust” barrier.

Your Brand Story

The powerful story of your brand is made up of these elements:
#1 What problem does your product or service solve for clients?
That problem can be a pain point in need of relief or an ambition your client needs your help to achieve. Marketing communications often focus on pain because we tend to feel pain more intensely than we do pleasure. That said, I think there is a role for taking an aspirational perspective to getting to a positive result. Whatever approach is most appropriate for your offering, what’s important is that your prospective client feels confident that you understand their need.
#2 How do you solve your client’s problem?
First comes the simple explanation of how you solve your client’s problem and then comes the “What makes your offering different”. What makes your offering especially well-suited to help your ideal client? It may be your training and skills, your experience, your discovery that led to a heightened level of service delivery or a compelling experience that sparked a unique insight that shaped your unique offering.
Ultimately, your clients are looking for a transformation to get them from where they are now to where they want to be. As the person who knows the most about your product or service, you could potentially write your brand story yourself. The transformation question is this: Is writing your own brand story the best use of your time and skill set?

The longer I’ve been in business, the more I have come to realize that I make the most progress when I’m free to focus on what I do best, and that means hiring people as needed to do the other necessary work.

Let me free you to do what you do best and help you get the powerful story of your brand out to the world.
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