About Marjorie

Marjorie Cullen is an amateur historian, forward-thinker and storyteller.

Marjorie became intrigued with understanding the past while imagining the future at an early age. Her passion for analysis and the workings of the natural world led her to study biology. Entry level positions in environmental and medical research led to marketing roles in the health care industry where she developed her skills as a communicator. A master’s degree in business administration helped Marjorie ride the rising tide of financial services in Canada and market a wide range of products and services spanning banking, credit and investments. In addition to contributing to Careers 2030, she is the author three children’s books inspired by her role as a parent through international adoption. The astonishing level of change she has witnessed in her lifetime has only served to fuel Marjorie’s curiosity to understand the causes of change with an eye to envisioning where the forces shaping our world today will take us in the future, as well the role we can all play in shaping that future.